Challenge: 100 Days of Prayer

The “first 100 days” typically refers to the beginning of a presidential term here in the United States, and what can be accomplished within those first exciting 100 days. The first day of our newly elected president, President Biden, began on January 20, 2021.

What better time than this for us to commit 100 days of focused prayer! AND we have done just that! Our commitment includes praying for the needs our communities, our families and our nation! When we ask God to be in our lives at the start, things tend to happen in a different way. A God-way!

Will you join us? May God’s will (not ours) be done in our own lives, as well as our communities and through the leaders of our nation and across the globe!

If you would like to participate by recording your favorite verse or devotion and a short prayer, please contact Pastor Cathy to schedule a time.

Prayer devotionals are available on Facebook and YouTube for both LifePointe and CenterPointe Churches.