It’s almost time…

Hey guys! We are approaching the time that we call Easter… lately, I have been calling it Resurrection day. Can you just feel the earth changing? Flowers are blooming- birds are everywhere, and new life is all around us. Even this pandemic is decreasing and new breath is coming!!!

This past Sunday, I told you a story about a girl named Amelia, and how alone she felt. Can you just imagine how alone Jesus must have felt getting ready to die for us? Honestly, it is a hard time to be a Children’s Director…I want happiness and butterflies- no sadness! But this time is a time to remember the great sacrifice that God gave us- His Son. John 3:16 says “For God so loved the

world , that he gave only son, that whoever believes on him, shall not die but live forever!” Wow. That is a sad and happy verse all in one. I want you guys to know how much Jesus loves you. Enough to give his life. The good news is that Jesus didn’t stay in the tomb- He rose up from that place of death!

What place of death do you need to come up from? That’s a weird question huh! But ..what keeps you from having Jesus in your heart? What keeps you from enjoying the new life he has for you? Could it be what you do for fun? Boredom? Anger? Sadness? Sin?

During this time of Easter and Resurrection- think about asking Jesus into you heart. You will have a forever friend!

Make sure to come to Children’s Church this next week and be ready to hear about what it was like for Jesus on that day he gave his life…

Resurrection is coming! Remember- Jesus loves you and so do I!

Miss Deanna