Resurrection Day is Coming!!

Hey there!

What a great Family Connect Kidz and Children’s Church this past Sunday! Many of you prayed and asked Jesus into your heart. It is such a special relationship- Jesus is always with you now! The next step is baptism and discipleship. We will have a baptism class soon for all of you who are interested.

This past Sunday we talked about Christ’s death…but hold on- Easter is coming! This week in church we will celebrate Palm Sunday. In Children’s Church, we learned about that on our first day of the Resurrection eggs. Remember- all of you who want to and can- we are going to be waving Palm Branches and shouting Hosanna!!! Then we will sing two songs and say two scriptures. It promises to be a great morning. We will practice at 10 am in the sanctuary and then go to our Family kidz for active worship. Then we will all go over as a group to the church, where the teens will join us and help us wave the palm branches and go up and down the aisles! Palm Sunday is about Jesus entering Jerusalem as the king. It is a time to celebrate and remember that Jesus is our king!

I love being a part of this amazing kidz department. I have such a fun time with you on Sundays! This last Sunday, I laughed quite a bit with the super messy craft we did! Our wonky pots look great and will remind us how we are so unique, but still part of one big family!!!

I want to remind you to check out Caravans too- it is such a great program! They are going on a hike this weekend! And…a camping trip is right around the corner. What a fun time they have learning about Jesus through Bible memory, nature, carpentry, and many more things! Come check out our Outdoor Explore area in the back- In fact, I can see from my office that I need to hang Darla’s birdfeeder back up! The birds ate so much and then they knocked it down!

One more thing…You are loved. I look forward to seeing you every week. I am thankful for each and everyone of you.

Have an amazing day and I will see you Sunday!

Miss Deanna