Just Another Easter… or is it…

Hey everyone! Easter is coming! it is just 3 days away (not counting today)! Three days can seem like for ever- or it can seem really short. If it is just another day- time just passes- but what about if you are looking forward to something? Or afraid of something? Anxious about something…time seems to go slow…every minute seems like 5minutes! Well at least that is how it is for me!

A long time ago when my kids were very young- we got lice. Yikes. Lice. If you know me or knew me then.. you know how that was for me. It seemed like time stopped and that we would never get rid of these little creatures. I called my mom and cried and cried. She told me something I would never forget. Lice die in 3 days. Of course there is more to it, but the lifecycle of a louse is 3 days. Then she said the most life changing thing…If Christ could die and then rise again in 3 days, I can trust that He will help me through the 3 days of a lice lifecycle! It is amazing to me that even a horrible icky event like lice can turn in to an aha moment in my Christian walk!

I have used this advice throughout my life- just wait 3 days- Christ arose in 3 days and miracles happen when God is in control. If you are going through a hard time. If your parents, your kids- whoever is reading this is struggling… remind them- Jesus is alive…from the dead…3 days…just wait and see what God can do for you!

I will see you Sunday- when I see you remember that Jesus loves you…and so do I. He’s Alive!!!! He has risen…just as He said!

Love you!

Miss Deanna