What’s New With You?

This past Sunday, we read the book “Put Me In The Zoo” by Dr. Seuss in our 10 o’clock service. In our Family Kidz Connect class, we have been talking about family, especially our church family, and this crazy polka dot bear was a good example of what most of us try to do…fit in. Well guess what- with Jesus- you fit in no matter what! God just may have a different job for you to do. And here is a little teaser for Sunday May 16th- our Youth Leader, Mama Valerie will be speaking on family- especially church family- it will be an awesome service!

We all have different gifts and abilities and God will help us use those talents to work for Him, and live the best life He has for us!!! You may belong in a zoo or a circus…lol…just like our character in the book- but know you always will have a place with Jesus!

I have the opportunity to “preach” this next week during the church service- and I will be speaking on that very thing- how all of us work together with our different gifts and talents, to share Jesus. The kids will be singing ” I want to see Jesus lifted high” and our youth will be receiving their awards for Bible reading. The theme of my talk will be…The Car Lot. Yup- you might need to come and see what that is all about!

Remember, Friday Night at 6 pm is our Drive In movie for the kids AND their families! We will be showing Zootopia, and there is a prize for the best homemade car! We will have popcorn and bottled water while we watch the movie! Check out our Facebook for the flyer and instructions on how to make a car! I seriously hope someone shows up in a refrigerator box mini van!

Please feel free to always contact me if you have any questions, needs, concerns, or celebrations!

You are loved!

Miss Deanna