Campus Updates

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I am exceptionally pleased to announce that part of our commitment toward Growing Young is reflected in the new Family meeting room in Building 5 (see photo) as well as our new playground (see sample photo.) We will be “breaking ground” on the new playground (this is in ADDITION to our existing playground and the new one will be attached to the Children’s Dept. building) Saturday morning, January 29.

This is a joint venture between the local Rotary club and LifePointe. The playground project will be very professionally done including the best of safety standards and will be a highly visible place for the kids to have fun.

Over the next few weeks, Rotary has secured the help of Hallsten corporation to fabricate fencing, parking lot bollards, etc. and we will begin some of the installation later in February. This project will run nearly $40,000 so we are looking at some fund raising, and Rotary is a MAJOR contributor with funding and labor.

Thank you, Rotary!

We look forward to serving our kids!!
Robert Hale, Sr. Pastor
LifePointe Church