Encouraging Worth

GOD SEES IN YOU INFINITE WORTH. These words came to me at a time when I could not find my worth, as a daughter, friend, leader and child of God. I have struggled with worth my whole life. I never seemed to fit in, could never do anything right and I thought if I disappeared no one would even notice. How wrong I was. God came and started showing me my worth as a woman, friend, daughter, leader and as a Child of God. It did not happen over night and it is an upward spiral of emotions, but today I want to speak worth into you. As women we often let people steal our worth, our spouses, children, coworkers and yes even our friends. God sees in us INFINITE WORTH. This never ceases, it is not finite it is INFINITE, UNENDING PURE WORTH. He sees you where you are, in the midst of your struggle, your life and He loves YOU.

In Psalms 9:7-8 it says ” But the Lord sits enthroned for ever, He has established His throne for judgement; and He judges the world with righteousness, He judges the people with equity.” This verse jumped out at me one day. I have heard the word equity once or twice and I looked it up. Equity- noun. 1 “The quality of being fair and impartial. Equity of treatment. 2. The value of the shares issued by a company. He owns 62% of the group’s Equity. similar words-VALUE WORTH” This 2nd definition I want to look at…the company is GOD, the group is YOU, and He owns our value 100%. God has 100% invested in you. Wow let that sink in. Your WORTh is 100%. That is nothing to take lightly. He sees you 100%, your worth is 100%.

That is mind blowing. Our worth is found in God. You are Worth far more than gems and diamonds to God. He sent Jesus to earth for US. He died for US. Jesus uplifted women, He VALUED US. I know this is alot, but I want you to know you are Loved, Seen, Known and have Worth in God. Never forget this and when you find your worth seems low, unappreciated or stolen remember…GOD SEES IN YOU( say your name)INFINITE (UNENDING) WORTH.

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