Where Do I Fit

I have been thinking this week about my life and it’s meaning. Who am I in this world, does my life really matter? Well I was watching the movie “I Believe” and I found the best answer ever… “I’m not sure any of us get to see the whole picture. The God’s eye view so to speak. It’s like we’re little children sitting on the floor gazing up at the back side of the tapestry that’s being woven. To our eyes, sometimes looks ugly, the colors are a jumble and none of it makes much sense. But one day we will no longer be sitting on the floor, we will come around to the other side and the genius of God’s handiwork will become clear. At the center of it all we will see the Cross. But in that immense tapestry we will see that single, unique thread, the only one of its kind, in color, that our own life has added to the piece. The one thread that without which the whole piece would somehow be incomplete. Personally I can’t wait to see His Masterpiece.” Ephesians 2:10 “We are God’s handiwork created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Wow and double wow. God has prepared for us things to do. That blows me away right now. This phrase God’s Masterpiece has been tossed around for some time, as long as I can remember and when I have thought of being God’s masterpiece I think of one portrait in an art gallery full of portraits. In reality we are all part of God’s ultimate Masterpiece, all of us being woven into God’s Masterpiece. We never know who we have touched nor the impact we have had on these people we know and even those we just brush by in the grocery store. God knows. God knows everyone we will touch and he also knows everyone who needs us at a moment’s notice. God guides us daily and puts people in our paths for a reason. I had never really thought about being a thread in God’s Masterpiece and what that truly means. I have heard stories of people being blessed by other people and just chance meetings with those who we would never see on a regular basis. Just think for a moment of that tug on your heart when you think of someone or when you see someone on the side of the road, in the grocery store, at the stop sign needing food, when you walk in your front door and your children or spouse is waiting for you. What are our thoughts when we see these people. Are we happy, annoyed, stressed or are we thinking of a way to make their day, with a hug, a kind word, a cup of coffee or a Bible verse that popped into your head when you saw them. Then I started thinking what am I weaving into God’s tapestry? Does my day today reveal my passion for God or does it reveal my humanness. I sure hope it reveals my passion for God. This kind of goes back to my feeling about worth. My worth matters to God. My place in this world, in this life, in a Ministry matters to God. Psalm 139 talks about us being woven in our mother’s wombs and God knowing us before all of that, We matter to God. All of this is in God’s tapestry. He has designed us, he has loved us, where we are in life matters, and where he puts us is where we are to grow, show up, love, and be passionate, about where we are and Whose we are. There is a song that I have heard this week, “You Will Be Found”, by Natalie Grant and Cory Asbury. This song was written for me. Seriously the words are from my life, my thoughts it is scary to think about it. It talks about feeling alone, invisible and that no one would miss you (a bit of a paraphrase), but the chorus talks about reaching out your hand and someone will be running(catch that) running to you and they will take you home. Wow powerful song, please look it up. That is where we all start, on the ground, wondering, crying out, hoping someone will hear us. Guess what God does hear us, He sent Jesus for us and when we accept Him and take His hand we start being woven into God’s tapestry. My prayer this week is Weave me Lord into the tapestry of Your Ministry and help me be passionate for You. Have an awesome week my friends.