The Mundane Road

Toby Mac has a new song, “Cornerstone”, and as I listen to it I see the mundane of life passing me by, but in the Mundane is Jesus, my Cornerstone who is always there. Life is hard sometimes. Whew…I never thought I would be here, in this part of life still striving to hold on to His Hem, the Cornerstone of my whole belief system and my life. Tonight turned into something very special for me. It is VBS and this year I was not in the place where I could help. I bring Dreama, as she is a leader, and sit in the car catching up on reading and studying God’s word. I got a text from a helper that my friend Brooklyn was sad and asked if I could come be with her. Brooklyn has been one of my kids since her and her family started coming to LifePointe and we have a special bond through singing and learning God’s Word. Of course I leapt into action right there and went to where she was. She was crying and sad. I sat right next to her, she took my hand and leaned into me. I talked to her and started praying for her. After a few minutes she looked at me and took my hand and her helper’s hand and started leading us outside. No bells or whistles, just God meeting us in the “mundane”. Back to Toby Mac’s song, in the chorus is says,”The sun goes up, the sun comes downThis old world keeps spinnin’ ’round, I’m here travelin’ down this long and winding road. Seasons come and seasons go, They take me high, then leave me low, But I’m still standing on the only rock I knowYou’re my cornerstone Oh, oh, oh, no matter where I go, my cornerstone.” This is life plain and simple, the sun goes up the sun comes down…..and God is there whether it is a great exciting time or a time when we feel like we are just walking through life feeling blah, unnoticed, raw, hurting, confused or just needing someone to take our hands and pray for us and with us. We have seen how the mountaintop, Hallelujah experiences are there to inspire us, and the Valleys, the mundane times are there to mature us. God is so good and He is here with us every step of our journey. He is in the trenches holding us together when we are falling apart and He is there when we are there for our friends as they are going through tough stuff. Never despise or try going around the mundane times, these are times when I find myself used by God in situations that help me mature, grow and encourage those around me. God’s word says….”And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds,”Hebrews 10:24 NIV As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another…As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart. Proverbs 27:17 &19 NIV These verses came to me as I was writing these words. In our “mundane” let us reflect how God can and does use us to spur each other on and help each other through those areas we are treading and even dreading. I love you all and hope you have and amazing week.