2022 Women’s Retreat

Courtney Phelps is a wife, mother, friend, and ministry leader. Married for 21 years, having begun their relationship with friendship in high school, Courtney and her husband have weathered many storms together amid raising six children. Currently, they range from 4 to 20 years old, so you can imagine how busy they keep her! It was her relationship as a mother that propelled her into ministry to women. After her third baby was born, Courtney experienced post-partum depression but also a renewed sense of who she wanted to be, a Christian woman who grows in grace along with her children. She coordinated a Mothers of Preschoolers group for several years which began her involvement in women’s ministry. This past summer, Courtney was asked to step in and be the Women’s Ministry Pastor at her church. While currently homeschooling her kids due to the pandemic and special needs of some of her children, she serves the women of her community with a strong attitude of grace. Courtney realizes how much grace has been bestowed on her and works every day to walk in the confidence of God’s grace toward everyone she meets. She loves to share how God’s Word has transformed her and how making little choices in the diligence of discipline add up to more than just small things. Courtney is very excited to spend the weekend exploring the theme of God’s grace and the idea that we get to embrace our weaknesses because it is there that we get to realize all we need is grace.

What an amazing time we had! Follow Courtney’s blog below.

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Sunday Worship Service