Welcome to the Clubhouse!

As our children encounter God– the creator of EVERYTHING, we want there to be lots of laughter, learning, and creativity. We want to provide a clean, safe place where children can learn about Jesus, and where our children will discover their place in this world. We will teach them God’s word in order to equip them with the Holy Spirit – so that they can boldly share the HOPE that is in them. (1 Pet 3:15 and 2Timothy 2:2)

The Clubhouse Values

  • We Value Safety and Security and are committed to exceptional standards in these areas. We require a background check and knowledge of basic first aid. The Director will be CPR and First Aid certified and we still strive to provide opportunity for others to become certified as well.
  • We Value Relevance through creativity, worship, and learning style. Our teaching is age appropriate and interactive
  • We Value Biblically Centered Living and a Dependence on God’s Word. We trust and believe that His word is a living foundation in the lives we live. Teachers and workers are encouraged to have a daily quiet time and put God’s word into action in their everyday life.
  • We Value Worship as a regular practice in our lives, not only by ourselves, but as a group intent on worshiping our Lord.
  • We Value Christ Centered Community because life change happens best when we love each other the way Christ loves us. When we truly care about each other and spend time together as like-minded people- our children can grow up knowing that they are loved and accepted, and that church is a great place to make lasting relationships.



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Sunday Worship Service