Upcoming Kids Lessons

Join us Sunday’s @ 11:00am
Preschool – 5th grade
Building 3, downstairs

Memory Verse for June: Proverbs 3:5-6
June 5 – God Sends Manna and Quail from Heaven
June 12- God Gives the Ten Commandments
June 19- God’s People Worship a Golden Calf
June 26- God Tells His People How to Build a Tabernacle

Memory Verse for July: Joshua 1:9
July 3- Caleb Trusts God Will Help
July 10- Rahab Helps the Israelite Spies
July 17- The Israelites Cross the Jordan River
July 24- Joshua Leads God’s People

Memory Verse for August: 1John 4:10
Aug. 7- John the Baptist Tells About Jesus
Aug. 14- Jesus is Baptized
Aug. 21- Men Bring Their Friend to Jesus for Healing
Aug. 28- Jesus Brings Lazarus Back to Life


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Sunday Worship Service